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The Moonsmith Gulzar

‘देखना मेरे सर से आसमाँ उड़ गया है

देखना आसमाँ के सिरे खुल गये हैं ज़मीं से ..’

What maximum dreams are made of ~

Here are some captures from the launch of The Moonsmith Gulzar in the Maximum City Mumbai by Gulzar Saab!

The Moonsmith Gulzar (a title presented by him!) has been considered the ‘Best work on my works so far’ by the living legend Gulzar Saab himself!
My labor of love, this book was released worldwide in November 2021 and is available on all Amazon platforms (links below). The book was also covered extensively by media - links provided below. 
I am ecstatic to share what Gulzar Saab said about the book:

"I have passed through this surgery a number of times. Mostly it has been skin-deep only. This is the first time it’s an open-heart surgery — and Shailja is the Surgeon. She has touched deep down at the core of my poems. Most books about my works have not gone beyond the film lyrics or some popular ghazals — considering the popular choice of the people. But Shailja has gone beyond that and touched the soul. That’s why I wrote to her once, “Your work is the best work on my works, so far!” I still stand by that statement." — GULZAR

The book has been on the #BestSeller rank on Amazon (in the Indian Literary Criticism category) quite regularly since its release. 

Publisher: Hawakal Publishers (16 Nov 2021)



About the book:
The Moonsmith Gulzar revolves around Gulzar’s writings on some of the most significant themes of existence. It's a tribute to the way he writes about the intricacies of inner lives, the inextricable connection with nature, and the obscure dimensions of our existence. Shailja Chandra unravels how Gulzar awakens us to the majesty of the mundane that we commonly neglect. Chandra explores the profound depths of Gulzar’s voice on each subject — to distill the essence where his signature poignancy, conscientiousness, or sagacity springs from.
#TheMoonsmithGulzar #Gulzar #LiteraryCriticism #Gulzarpoems #Gulzarpoetry

Mumbai launch at the Quorum club 22nd April, 2023

Delhi launch at the Oxford Bookstore 15th April, 2023

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The Moonsmith Gulzar Launch

Sydney Launch

In the Media

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