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My Story

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” (E.E.Cummings)


One day after thirteen years of corporate life in sustainability advisory, when my colleagues were puzzled about my decision to resign to ‘pursue my creative dreams,’ little did I know then that my creative pursuits will be stumbling, humbling, yet deeply transformational and stunningly soul-stretching.

I now balance my consultancy, educating on sustainability, and my creative pursuits – knowing that the certitude of being right or wrong, of winning races does not apply to my existence. Knowing that real life germinates beyond all this.

I am passionate about inspiring and empowering people in this pursuit through my podcast stories, writings and other narratives.


My Voice, My Words

Radio / Podcast

Every Sunday morning you can hear me live on FM89.7 (Sydney time 10 am) talking my heart out and playing some great music. Some of it is excerpted in my Podcast here. For complete program podcasts, visit our website


The centerpiece of my creative journey - this book is about my longtime love Gulzar and his words. Follow this journey here


I write when I am not podcasting or on radio or propagating sustainability. Our words are on a pilgrimage - via these blogs I trace my own emotional and philosophical journey. Join me via my words here

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