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Meet-a-morphosis - a social enterprise

Compassion | Collaborations | Culture | Community | Climate-Change | Conversations

I believe not in what we do, but why we do it.

Shailja is currently conceptualising a social enterprise with a vision to cultivate transformational and meaningful collaborations and conversations on the consolations of our collective human condition and the shared beauty of our existence.

Meet-a-morphisis helps cultivate a deeper connection with our true self and the values that truly drive us. How can we cultivate skills to be kind to ourselves and others, how can we harness the healing powers of vulnerability? How do we celebrate and recalibrate our fallible and unconscious patterns, our longings and belongings, and our existential anguish? How do we relate with our community, culture, effects of climate change? 

There are many inner and outer layers of our being that are bundled up in these questions.


How can we unravel these in a pragmatic manner and assimilate them in our day to day decisions, awe, relationships, conversations, heartbreaks or accomplishments? 

The MaM is being developed in response to the rising sense of meaninglessness and insignificance that the hard-working cogs of the urban machinery are feeling, despite their prosperous, healthy, and socially buzzing lives.

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