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Shailja Recites Gulzar

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

NOTHING goes unseen, untouched by his satrangi fingers....the pulse of Samay, its eternity and transiency; or the heartbeat of life, its beautiful simplicities, glorious abstractions and heartbreaking realities. 

Nothing remains overlooked by him as he skilfully sculpt deepest insights and foresights from routine, ordinary, often mundane moments of life. It appears that Gulzar offers us moments and imagery after having experienced them with deep sensitivity and sentience, just as Shabri offered sweet fruit to Lord Rama.

His enviable repertoire of words is as vast and fresh as the ever-flowing, all-inclusive stream of language itself. Pulsating with a heart and life in them, his words possess redeeming virtues. 

None of his words ever seem fatigued. Never ever vapid of the sensory and sentiments, the intellect, the poignancy – his words embody the most vital elements of literary aesthetics. 

And then there is that unique unusual underlying sentient quality that dwells in all his works – something that presents the greatest challenge in describing, but that effortlessly becomes part of our shared consciousness.

Selected poems from Raat Pashmine Ki and Pukhraj are recited below, visuals are a collage of photos from my private collection! Enjoy....

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