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Shailja is an author, a sustainability and climate resilience consultant, educator, and a creative from Sydney.


Her widely acclaimed book The Moonsmith Gulzar has been considered the ‘Best works on my works so far’ by the living legend Gulzar Saab himself.


Shailja is a highly regarded radio broadcaster on Eastside radio, Sydney. She also runs a fortnightly podcast called Mukhtasar Si Baat with Shailja, which featured on Gaana’s Top 10 Podcasts (English) for several weeks after its launch in 2021, and has garnered over 47,000 streams after its Season 1 and 2.


On this website, Shailja shares her podcasts, writings and other creative chronicles that honour and celebrate the human condition – individually relatable yet connecting with the larger humanity!


Come on a journey, as we voyage through the fascinating vistas of literature, retro Hindi songs and philosophical ideas to reach new inspirations.

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